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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 23, 2016 9:00am-9:30am PST

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plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and feats of strength and other impressive skills. >> we're doing good here. >> why we are and we're not. these kids in china find themselves between a rock and a hard place. quite literally. they believe these two children were out playing, stepped into the gap to hide and got stuck. you see firefighters working tirelessly to try to get them out. you see them start to take the wall apart brick by brick. it's pretty intense. >> i'm glad they didn't fall into this gap from a height. it looks like they were just trying to scoot and play hide and seek. >> but still a scary situation for these kids to be in. they pick them up and pull them out. relieved and still shaken up by all of this. >> what i'm shocked at is that
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how did they both fit? >> it's easy to see how something like this could have happened. it took them about a half hour to get them out. luckily they're safe. it took about an hour in brazil for these rescuers to free this dog. >> people in the area heard moans and figured out it was coming from the sewer and called emergency crews. >> whoa. >> waiting for a little chihuahua to come out, not this thing. >> that's a nice-sized dog. unfortunately the dog is blind and has several other illnesses. they were able to get it calm, free it and get it to a vet. they are looking for a forever home. because this dog does have illnesss and needs a little tlc. >> he needs to go to a rescue center. even if he lives with a family, he could still get out and fall into something like that.
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witness a miracle in six steps. this video is from brazil. you see a man that's a taxi driver. he's washing the car. >> holy cow! >> what? >> like what? >> he said he heard the collision between two cars at an intersection. he looks -- >> wow. >> that couldn't have been any closer. otherwise he would have gotten hit. >> he said he could feel the wind from the car as it passed him. >> so cool, calm and collected afterwards. so, that happened. >> nobody was injured in this. >> the bad thing for him, though, he just finished washing the exact part of the car, all along the side. >> no injuries, but -- now it's the car you got to turn your attention to. pay attention to the right side of your screen in this video. you're going to see a bus attempt to go under this railway bridge. figurative word. >> exactly, ollie, because watch
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>> oh! did you forget you're driving one that big? >> a tourist bus hit that bridge, a driver in another car who witnessed this incident said he saw the bridge, he saw the bus, he began to honk the horn, he thought the driver would slow down. but he said -- >> i think he's going to maybe he's going to miss it i started blowing the horn and within seconds, he hit the bridge. >> is there no clearance sign? >> there's signs and lights. i don't know what more you can do. >> i guarantee there's a sticker in the bus that tells you how high the bus is. just momentary lapse of reason. >> this isn't the first time that something has happened at that bridge. people are saying victoria roads in australia needs to do something better about the signage. however victoria roads says this is the result of driver error. >> exactly. you can't take the lowest common none nator. >> no one was seriously injured. 11 of them had to be
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>> could they continue the tow afterwards in this convertible-style bus? >> with 11 people in the hospital, probably not. you know when you've been to the grocery store and your hands are full of shopping bags, and you're trying to get in the door, but you don't want to put the bags down? this is the animal equivalent of that times a thousand. momma leopard has been down to the store and got food to feeded little ones. this is the world where other animals live and at night, the high halloweenayena hyenas, lions like to come out and steal your kill. what does momma do? she has the strength to jump up and climb the tree like it's nothing. look at the size of the animal in her mouth? it's almost her same size. she could have stopped at the first y in the tree, but she wants to get way up there so
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>> imagine yourself trying to hold somebody about the same size and leap into a tree. >> i have enough trouble getting my keys out of the pocket and open the front door. >> that is impressive to see. what a great position to be in. if you're on that safari. >> could you see late anywhere the video, where the little ones get up in the tree as well. i think that's going to be one very happy family later on. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you know tuesday's buzz word. be at least 18 years old and know the rtm buzz word. >> stand by for the give-away! don't you feel like sometimes when you're performing a task you wish you had extra limbs? >> yeah. especially running around after children. >> yeah, exactly. >> if you're a musician, say a drummer can you now have a third arm.
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augment humans with technology, humans should be able to do or would be able to do much more. music is something that is very timely and also very spatial. what better medium to try the concept than music. >> that's a robotic drummer's arm that attaches to your existing arm. >> built by researchers over at georgia tech it follows the movement of the arm it is attached to. and kind of mimics or predicts what it is that you want to play. >> but it is also holding a drumstick which means it, too, is playing music. >> if you want to move toward a particular drum, the arm knows that, it recognizes the gesture and you feel like your own body is responding to you in a way. >> is this basically using artificial intelligence? >> basically, yes. >> they can figure out technology like this to follow the human body. i imagine it has a number of applications. >> just from the perspective of
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maybe he could get back to drumming the way he used to. >> the car up ahead is picking up speed. >> and it is weaving around traffic on this road. >> what happens when the weaving goes wrong? >> oh no! and two brave guys take on one very tall tower. >> this is what my nightmares are made of, guys. >> but this climbing adventure doesn't exactly end on a high note. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create. at olive garden. so you have 10 years experience? i do but no phd... i do have a masters in early childhood development you don't mind if i record this, do you? first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas... ...likes to pull on jewelry, so you might want to... ...lose the nose ring by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more... ...likely to choose luvs than first time moms
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it makes you get creative, it [ laughter ] >> this guy decided to fill a room with a ton of red balloons that he's blown up himself. his intention is to propose. >> hey. >> the only thing she has to do is find him. >> she's not game at all. she's like, oh, oh, all right, i'm going. >> thinking do i really want to do that? >> that's a lost work, i give up. >> she does come back, though, luckily for him. >> i've looked all around the house 100 times, are you in here? >> she finally works her way into the room. she is pushing balloons all over the place. she finally finds her man. >> i didn't look at anything up there.
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honey! >> oh, honey, yeah. >> fortunately for him she said yes. can you imagine having gone through all the trouble of blowing up the balloons -- >> that would have burst his bubble. >> the internet's favorite inventor, colin firth has put together a lots of cool stuff this latest invention is basically trash. >> or as he likes to say in his country, rubbish. >> this is for remote rubbish. you look outside, you see a neighbor take out a binner. >> he wants to take their crash like this. is. >> oh, yeah. >> husbands and teenaged sons across america have just tuned in to this show like never
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>> yeah like take my money. >> colin has taken a wheelie bin and turned it into a remote controlled trash disposal unit. >> we're constantly going to be taking the trash out. >> i think colin realizes that this isn't effective. it's more for fun. inside the bin is a mobility servo that will manipulate the joystick as if somebody were actually riding in it. >> this guy is my favorite. this is cool. >> you can't actually use the trash can as a trash can. which means that men all over the world will be just playing with the trash can. >> you're talking trash. >> a fun-looking toy. how much fun would it be if you took it out in public? who to prank first? i think the obvious choice -- the bin man. >> the bloody bin goes by itself, mate! >> this guy is looking at it like he was out a little too
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>> i think these days, people know their men and it's a prank. >> what would make it crazier is if it were talking to people. >> it would be trash talking. >> it would be. >> if the ladies are are having a spot of tea. the kids get a kick out of it and go shopping with it. the next time you see a wheelie bin cruising through the streets, look close, you might spot colin. >> these things need to be flying and exploding. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the bus buzz word on face book, twitter or both. and enter to win. >> reveal the buzz word. village. v-i-l-l-a-g-e.
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going to have a bonus give-away, where one of you could walk away with a flat-screen tv. good luck, everybody. dudes ready to rope swing. >> why anybody ever attempts this, i'm not sure.
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supply this time. thanks to the household hacker, you now have a gazillion extra uses for your paper towels. this is brilliant. when you're trying to vacuum your car and there's all of these nooks and crannies you can never get to. he takes that paper towel roll that's in the center, you attach it to the vacuum cleaner and mold it to fit any space you want. this one i didn't know you could make your very own wet wipes with paper towels, you can make whatever cleaning mixture you want. the you cut the paper towel roll
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you cut a hole in the top and pulling it out one by one. >> there's almost nothing that can't be made with a cardboard roll. and also to make speakers, look at that. >> that's my favorite hack. >> that's everybody's got those things at a party. >> yup. i don't know how many cheese balls are in here, but i think we're going to try to count. >> i know this is going to be hard for you guys to believe, but curious pete says he's never had a cheese ball. >> why not? >> let's try to eat this giant container of cheese balls. >> i have a funny feeling he's never going to want one again. >> he's going to try the 1,000 cheese ball challenge. >> cheese ball number one. >> how dry your mouth would get. >> i feel like i've eaten a thousand of them when i've sat down. >> he's picked the right snack. because once you've had one. you say i can always just have
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but finally he's like, you know what? i think i need to add water to make it go quicker. >> don't we feel bad for the dog, just watching him? going, not yours, not yours. >> drop one, drop one. >> it's like cheese ball cereal. >> said it made it faster and finally he does finish the whole thing. >> we have done it, my friends. >> oh gosh. oh, she like -- splattered. >> she's tinkering around on the hoverboard when suddenly -- >> just, just don't. >> oh gosh. >> she rang her bell, too. >> when i first saw the video, i couldn't even laugh because my head started hurting, i think i was still in pain for her.
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>> this was a little less painful. but equally as funny. [ laughter ] >> yes, the coveted rope swing, why anybody ever attempts this i'm not sure. but i'm here for it every time. >> this is like a dog running full speed and hitting the end of his leash. >> and of course, we saved the best for last. >> i'm not pulling that fail. >> well practice makes perfect. >> that's a perfectly good fail video. >> just needs to buy a helmet and he'll be fine. >> thanks f f hanging out with
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go enter the buzz word, and it's a mission to thin the herd from a helicopter. but -- >> it all goes wrong. >> see the moment things start going south. a free diver gets up close with a whale. >> who also gave her a concert. >> how she got the best seat in the south pacific. he wished away his girlfriend to a mountain top where -- >> he vowed not to let her get away. >> the stunning sunset proposal
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plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and hang in at the famous gum alley. think of one of the most shocking things you could do. >> he does it. >> why this one's a little hard to swallow. oh! they say everything's big anywhere texas. this is how they do wild hog hunting. a couple of guys riding along in this helicopter taking shots at this hog. you can see on the left-hand side. before you ask why they're doing it, because a lot of states in america, huge overpopulation with wild hogs. they estimate 2.6 million or more. and this costs $500 million of damage a year. as such, in texas it's legally to hunt wild hogs year-round. what's going do happen here? are we going to have a gun jam? see something incredible? then it all goes wrong. the pilot seems to let up on the stick. >> they are going down. >> they're going down and


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